How to Conduct a Technical Interview


In today’s post we are focusing on a critical aspect of the hiring process: technical interviews. As Talent Acquisition (TA) professionals, understanding how to conduct a technical interview, especially when you're not an expert in the role, is vital. Let’s explore how AI can revolutionize this process, making it more efficient and effective.

The Importance of Technical Questions in Screening

When it comes to technical roles, the resume can often be misleading. Candidates might list numerous skills and experiences, but this doesn't always translate into actual technical proficiency. That's where the technical interview becomes crucial.

Why Resume Screening Falls Short:

  • Limited Insight: Resumes provide a snapshot of a candidate's experience but don't delve into the depth of their technical knowledge.
  • Misrepresentation: Candidates may overstate their abilities or be unfamiliar with certain listed technologies in practical scenarios.

Conducting an Effective Technical Interview

  • Prepare with a Technical Interview Cheat Sheet: Create a cheat sheet of crucial topics and questions for quick reference.
  • Utilize Technical Mock Interviews: Consult and practice with colleagues or experts to refine your interviewing skills.
  • Implement Technical Phone Interview Screens: Technical automated interviews using candidate screening software can vet the candidate's claimed skills and problem-solving abilities for you.

The Superiority of a Technical Phone Interview Screen

Conducting a technical phone interview screen is an effective way to gauge and filter a candidate's true technical prowess. It allows you to:

  • Verify Resume Claims: Direct questions can test whether the candidate truly understands the technologies they've listed.
  • Assess Problem-Solving Skills: By presenting real-world scenarios or technical problems, you can evaluate their approach to solving technical issues.

Leveraging AI for Generating Specialized Questions

ChatGPT can be a useful starting point when finding technical questions, however AI tools for talent acquisition such as Teambooster AI can guide you to discover even more precise, role-specific questions, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation. It is very user-friendly: simply enter any role and AI-generated subcategory tags populate, which you can select to generate very niche, role-specific, AI generated questions. This will help you quickly delve into specific technical areas relevant to the role, to create a tailored interview that is aligned with the specific requirements of the job.

The Teambooster AI Advantage in Technical Screening

Teambooster AI elevates your candidate vetting process beyond just generating tailored technical questions. It actively assists you in the strategic technical evaluation phase with advanced AI capabilities. The process is straightforward: drawing on the expertise of colleagues or managers, as needed, determine a correct answer once for each technical question in your interview plan and input this into the system. Should a candidate's response be complex or outside your immediate understanding, there's no cause for concern. Our sophisticated algorithm comprehends the context and evaluates the response for its alignment with your predetermined ideal answer, effectively interpreting answers even when they don't share keywords.

The Teambooster AI Advantage in Live Technical Recruiter Interview Questions

After narrowing down your candidate pool to a select group of highly skilled individuals, you're ready to initiate live interviews. You can easily utilize their responses from the initial automated phone interview to craft more personalized and relevant technical questions. Don't worry if you're not fully versed in the technical specifics during the live interview. With Teambooster AI’s live interview tools activated, every conversation is recorded and transcribed, ensuring you can be fully engaged without scrambling to take notes. Post-interview, you can easily consult the transcript via our chatbox feature to verify the accuracy and relevance of the candidates' technical responses, even if their answers were initially unclear to you.


Technical interviews are a pivotal part of the recruitment process, particularly for roles where technical acumen is crucial. With Teambooster AI, TA professionals can navigate these interviews with confidence, ensuring a thorough and accurate assessment of each candidate's technical capabilities.

"Teambooster AI elevates your candidate vetting process beyond just generating tailored technical questions. It actively assists you in the strategic technical evaluation phase with advanced AI capabilities."